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叶梓涛 Zitao YE

Chris Bell 面向友情的设计 Designing For Friendship (2012)

Liz England 「门的难题」 "The Door Problem" (2014)

Steven Harmon「厕所难题」"The Toilet Problem" (2017)

Simon Parkin 宫崎英高:把死亡视作特性而非错误 Hidetaka Miyazaki Sees Death as a Feature, Not a Bug | The New Yorker (2022)

EGW 实验性玩法工作坊是什么? What is Experimental Gameplay Workshop (2022)

Claire Morwood 给所有人的 Bitsy 游戏制作教程 A Bitsy Tutorial (2017)

Brendan Keogh 游戏学校也是艺术学校?当没有工作岗位时如何教授游戏开发 Are games art school? How to teach game development when there are no jobs (2019)

Oscar Barda 我花了十六年找到了对游戏的定义 How I found a definition of games after searching for 16 years (2016)

ICI 做 do it (home) PART I (2020)

Alexander R. Galloway 不在运作的界面 Unworkable Interface (2008)

Julian Kücklich 不稳定的玩工:模组创作者与数字游戏产业 Precarious Playbour: Modders and the Digital Games Industry (2005)(翻译:Taoistpunk卷毛菌丝)

George Bataille 我们的存在是为了游戏吗? 还是为了保持严肃?Sommes-nous là pour jouer? ou pour être sérieux? (1951)(校对:Guangni)

游戏研究 - 研究 Research On Game Studies

Espen Aaserth 电脑游戏研究,第一年 Computer Game Studies, Year One (2001)

Frank Lantz 游戏不是媒体 Games Are Not Media (2009)

Ian Bogost 电子游戏是一团乱 Videogames are a Mess (2009)

Eric Zimmerman 游玩世纪宣言:21世纪将被游戏定义 Manifesto: The 21st Century Will Be Defined By Games (2013)

Ian Bogost 获胜不是全部 Winning Isn’t Everything (2014)

David Kanaga 《游玩世纪宣言》笔记与计算炼金术 Notes On Eric Zimmerman's "Manifesto for a Ludic Century" (2013)

Ian Bogost 为什么除了游戏以外的任何事都很重要 Why Anything but Games Matters (2014)

Frank Lantz 谈判 Parley (2015)

Ian Bogost 游戏研究,第十五年 Game Studies, Year Fifteen (2015)

音乐 - 游戏 Audio - Music - Game

Brian Eno 生成性音乐 Generative Music "Evolving metaphors, in my opinion, is what artists do." (1996)

Peter Lido《月尘 Moondust》:音乐游戏意想不到的祖先 The unexpected forefather of music games (2016)

历史 - 战争 - 游戏 History - War - Game

Paul Virilio 爱与运气的游戏 The Game of Love and Chance (1995)

Shuen-shing Lee 我输故我思:按钮炫目的战争中对沉思的一次追寻 I Lose, Therefore I Think: A Search for Contemplation amid Wars of Push-Button Glare (2003)

Chris Marker 非记忆 Immemory (1997)(校对:沙皮狗)

André Habib 当我们和克里斯·马克玩历史游戏时,我们在玩什么?À Quel Jeu Joue-t-on Quand On Joue À L’Histoire Avec Chris Marker? (2006)(校对:Guangni)

Andrew Denning 深度游戏?电子游戏和历史想象 Deep Play? Video Games and the Historical Imaginary (2021)(校对:刘凯然)

Tuur Ghys 科技树:历史策略游戏中的自由与决定论 Technology Trees: Freedom and Determinism in Historical Strategy Games (2012)(翻译:王玉 校对:苗青)

游戏宣言研究 Research of Video Game Manifesto

Greg Costikyan 零钱游戏宣言 Scratchware Manifesto (2000)

Paolo Pedercini 软工业宣言 Molleindustria Manifesto (2003)

Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn 实时艺术宣言 REALTIME ART MANIFESTO (2006)

Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn 超越游戏 Over Game | 非游戏 notgames (2010)

TJ Thomas 创造另类游戏与艺术场景 Creating Alternative Game & Art Scenes (2015)

Zoë Quinn 朋克游戏 Punk Games (2015)

Robert Yang 并非宣言:作为文化工作的游戏开发 Not a manifesto; on game development as cultural work(2015)

Pietro Righi Riva 抛离:非传统可玩性媒体宣言 rejecta:nontraditional playable media manifesto (2016)

控制论-游戏 Cybernetics - Games

Arturo Rosenblueth,Norbert Wiener and Julian Bigelow 行为,目的与目的论 Behavior, Purpose and Teleology (1943)(校对:大目妖)

Gregory Bateson 从凡尔赛到控制论 From Versailles to Cybernetics (1966)

Gregory Bateson 「自我」的控制论:酗酒的理论 The Cybernetics of "Self": A Theory of Alcoholism (1971)

Claus Pias 控制论时代 Age of Cybernetics (2016)(翻译:大目妖)

游戏作为方法 - 「研究创作」研究 Game as Method

Ian Bogost 游戏化是屁话 Gamification is Bullshit (2011)

Stefano Gualeni 什么是哲学游戏 What is a Philosophical Game (2022)

Jesper Juul 电子游戏物的游戏:关于我们何时将像素视为物体而非图片的极简理论 The Game of Video Game Objects: A Minimal Theory of when we see Pixels as Objects rather than Pictures (2021)

Todd Presner,Jeffrey Schnapp 数字人文宣言 2.0 The Digital Humanities Manifesto V2 (2008)

Julian Klein 什么是用艺术的方法做研究? What is Artistic Research? (2011)

Silvia Henke, Dieter Mersch.. 艺术式研究宣言 Manifesto of Artistic Research (2020)(校对:徐露)

Jussi Parikka 实验室想象:思辨实践的原址 The Lab Imaginary: Speculative Practices In Situ (2017)(校对:徐露)

Alexander R. Galloway 我如何用软件建模居伊·德波的头脑 How I Modeled Guy Debord's Brain in Software | ROMchip (2022)(校对:徐露)

Bret Victor 可探索的解释 Explorable Explanations (2011)

Michael Nielsen 重塑解释 Reinventing Explanation (2014)

Nicky Case 可探索的解释 Explorable Explanations (2014-2015)

Nicky Case 行之明也 I Do And I Understand (2015)

Nicky Case 我如何制作可探索的解释 How I Make Explorable Explanations (2017)

Nicky Case 可探索的解释:四种更多的设计模式 Explorable Explanations: 4 More Design Patterns (2018)

John Seabrook 威尔·莱特:游戏大师 Game Master (2006)(翻译:张楚)

心理健康 - 游戏 Mental Health - Game

Chris Priestman 有关「自我关照」的游戏正是我们现在所需要的 Videogames about self-care are exactly what we need right now (2016)

Dr.Jocelyn Sze 认知行为疗法是为黑客们准备的 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is for Hackers (2013)

Carolyn Mehlomakulu 电子游戏能有疗效吗? Can Video Games Be Therapeutic? (2012)

Rami Ismail 冥想游戏是什么? What are the Meditations Games (2019)

Theresa Fleming 临床心理学中的严肃游戏与游戏化 Serious Games and Gamification in Clinical Psychology (2022)(翻译:李禹虬,校对:乔晓萌)



Ian Bogost 没有角色的电子游戏更好 Video Games Are Better Without Characters (2015)

Ian Bogost 没有故事的电子游戏更好Video Games Are Better Without Story (2017)

此文引起的关于游戏叙事讨论:电子游戏究竟要不要讲故事?我翻译了北美游戏圈的一次“互撕” (Aaron Suduiko | Death is a whale | Patrick Klepek | Robert B.Marks)

Ian Bogost 没有游戏性的电子游戏更好 Video Games Are Better Without Gameplay (2019)

Ian Bogost 元宇宙不是什么好东西 The Metaverse Is Bad (2021)

Ian Bogost 解谜崇高 Puzzling the sublime (2015)

Ian Bogost 为什么游戏化是胡说八道 Why Gamification Is Bullshit (2015)



Nicky Case 如果游戏和游戏叙事一样... If Games Were Like Game Stories... (2014)

Claudia Molinari 正念游戏设计宣言 Mindful Game Design Manifesto (2018)

Paolo Pedercini 如何在业余时间打造自己的快闪街机厅 CAN YOU BE LIKE LIKELIKE? Running a pop-up arcade in your spare time (2019)

Bennett Foddy 挫折十一味 Eleven Flavors Of Frustration (2017)

Stuffed Wombat 什么是小游戏 The Small Game (2020) | 设计游戏的三种方式 The Three Ways Of Designing Games (2019) | 创造机制,但别忘掉游戏 Make mechanics & forget the game (2019)



Jonathan Blow 游戏设计的真如 Truth in Game Design (2011)



Jonathan Blow 电子游戏与教育的未来 Video Games and the Future of Education (2014)



Raph Koster 游戏的成本 The cost of games (2018)

Jonathan Blow 阻止文明倒塌 Preventing the Collapsing of Civilization (2019)

Brian Moriarty 诗篇四十六的秘密 The Secret of Psalm 46 (2002)


Chris Crawford 为什么我不再进行互动叙事的研究 Why I am ending further work on interactive storytelling (2018)


Mark Brown 如何分析游戏,如何表达观点 How to analyze the game and express opinions (2018)


James Paul Gee 《游戏改变学习:游戏素养、批判性思维与未来教育》致中国读者 What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (2003) - To Chinese Readers (2018)


Deanna van Buren 游戏中的建筑学 Architecture in Video Games: Designing for Impact (2015)


Adam Jasper 哈伦·法罗基最后的项目 The Last Project of Harun Farocki (2017)


Gilbert Simondon 《论技术物的存在模式》导论 Du mode d’existence des objets techniques - Introduction (1958)


Olli Sotamaa 作为人工制品的电子游戏 Artifact (2013)

The Ordinary

Jesper Juul 访谈 Jonathan Blow:独立游戏、文学及视觉风格(上) INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN BLOW (2018) 下篇


Espen Aarseth 一种游戏叙事理论 A Narrative Theory of Games (2012)

Ella Hoeppner 规划扰乱 Plan Disruption (2017)


Bernard Stiegler 眼之舌:「艺术史」意味着什么 The Tongue of the Eye: What "Art History" Means (2013)

Gilles Deleuze 什么是创造行为?Qu'est-ce que l'acte de création? (1987)

阵地 Le Front

David Graeber 如果我们不玩,那还有什么意义? What's the Point If We Can't Have Fun? (2014)

观察者的技术 Techniques of Observer

Alexander R. Galloway 第一人称射击游戏的起源 Origins of the First-Person Shooter (2006)

Marco Benoît Carbone 论游戏作为媒介的研究 On The Study of Games as Media (2021)




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