Sunset Sway | 落日间


Sunset Sway is an independent media lab brand that asks what games are and what they are. We are creating words, podcasts, videos, and video games that help people understand games.


We face the cultural dilemma of today's video games which are divorced from the cultural bedrock by creating links and breaking down barriers through working practices called Interface Research / Creation and The Game as Method.


Our podcast Sunset is currently the only podcast in China that features conversations and reflections on all aspects of games from the perspective of game designers across borders. We engage in equal dialogue with curators, artists, architects, tech workers, poets, game researchers, philosophers, etc.

我们发起了开放译介展览 日 | 落 译介计划,尽量取得原作者的联系与授权并翻译推荐和展示我们认为优秀的外文文章。

We launched an open translation exhibition, Sun | Set Translation / Recommendation Project, to try to get contact and authorization from the original authors and to translate, recommend and curate what we think are excellent foreign language articles.

落日间的主理人叶梓涛是游戏设计师,目前在 NExT Studios 全职独立推进一个名为游戏+的研究创作计划,其中的游戏+哲学的作品《时间的形状》获得了 IGF Nuovo Award 的Honorable Mentions 与 Experimental Gameplay Worksho的展示机会。

Zitao YE, the creator, host, and the only member of Sunset Sway is currently working full time independently at NExT Studios on a research and creation project called Game+, where his work on Game+Philosophy, The Shape of Time, won the IGF Nuovo Award for Honorable Mentions and Experimental Gameplay. Workshop's showcase.


We hope to promote enabling more people to express themselves through video games, by introducing the handy tool for the start


We believe that within the potential of video games lies the opportunity for more vibrant humanities (which is about the deep connection with paideia and paidia in Greak) that can transform our education and connect with Digital humanism.

我们创作了很多思考和扩展电子游戏与其他事物的非学术化写作,例如游戏严肃性的谱系学《严肃的游戏》, 游戏作为互动系统与生成式音乐的关系《再重聚:音频驱动的游戏设计视角 Re-Reunion: Audio-Gameplay Design》(Presented in Audiokinectic interactive music symposium 2021 in China),游戏作为各种形态在中国当代艺术场域的展现小史《中国当代艺术场域的电子游戏 The video game in the Chinese Contemporary Art Field》,电子游戏与文学形态与生成《文学机器如何运行 How Literature Machine Works》等等。

We have produced many non-academic writings that reflect and expand on video games and other things, such as the genealogy of the seriousness of games《严肃的游戏》, the relationship between games as interactive systems and generative music, 《 Re-Reunion: Audio-Gameplay Design》 (Presented in Audiokinectic interactive music symposium 2021 in China), A short history of the presentation of games as various forms in the Chinese contemporary art field, 《The video game in the Chinese Contemporary Art Field》 , Video Games and Literary Form and Generation 《How Literature Machine Works》and so on.


We are also continuing to write and think about video game theory with "fic-structional Physis" at its core, talk about our understanding of video games, and introduce more great game creators and games to the country.


We also have a bi-weekly newsletter that progresses in tandem with our writing curatorial experiments


We have over 100k followers across all platforms and are being promoted by the host on an amateur independent, donation basis.


I am not good at English and most of the content is not in English at the moment, so please forgive me more!




Thank you!

Zitao YE


Shanghai, China